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You might ask what is “Swift”.  Swift is short for SwiftReach which is a Mass Notification System.  This is a System that was recently purchased by the Tioga County Commissioners and is a “Reverse 9-1-1” system.  This program/system allows the County to send emergency messages out to the public via text, mobile phone call, landline phone call, email or social media in seconds and could potentially save lives if there is an immediate threat to life or health (e.g. a tornado).

It is very important that the Borough Office has a way to contact you in the event of an emergency, be it County wide or street wide (e.g. water being shut off due to a leak).  If you have not provided the Borough with your phone number, landline and/or mobile, or your email address, please contact the Borough Office with that information.

Sign up at mp.swiftreach.com.

Please help us, help you.

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