241 Main Street
Blossburg, PA 16912


Borough Manager: George Lloyd

George has been with the Borough for over 45 years, starting as a general laborer then assuming the position of Borough Manager in 1987.  You can contact George at 570-638-5501.

Borough Secretary:  Cheryl Bubacz

Cheryl joined the Borough as Borough Secretary/Treasurer in January 2019.  Previously, Cheryl served two (2) terms on the Borough Council. 

Municipal Authority Secretary – Leesa Lazouras

Leesa has been with the Borough for 45 years, starting in December 1974.  Leesa can be reached at 570-638-2452.

Borough Crew

Scott Fessler – Scott joined the Borough in 1994.  Scott is the Street Foreman

Daniel Grinnell – Dan joined the Borough in 1993.  Dan is the primary Water and Sewer Plant Operator

Matt Grinnell – Matt joined the Borough in 2001.

Chad Roupp – Chad joined the Borough in 2006.

Raymond Sherant – Raymond joined the Borough in 1995.

Blossburg Borough

241 Main Street
Blossburg, PA 16912

Phone: 570-638-2452
Fax: 570-638-5507

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